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by V.A. Blaine(Science Fiction/Romance - hard cpoy) On the far side of the galaxy, the once peaceful Confederation of Nine is engaged in a war with a race of humanoids known as the Wollens whose prime mission is to destroy all life not their own and to colonize the galaxy. Just when it seems as though the Wollens are winning the battle against the Confederation, the Wollens suddenly break off the attack and leave the Confederation wondering if and when they will return. But the Wollens never do return. Instead, the Confederation is contacted by the Rubeynians, a race of humans who defeated the Wollens and offer to help the Confederation defeat their common enemy, and resettle in the Orion arm of the galaxy. Everything is going according to plan when it is discovered that an insignificant planet, called Earth, has the capacity to destroy their entire world. What happens next begins a saga lasting a millennium.